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The Best Place To Eat, Dance, Have Fun NOW!

So you want to find the best place to eat, dance, or have fun right now? ItsPoppingHere! is the ONLY app that will help you find fun and entertainment AS IT HAPPENS.

More about the awesome ItsPoppingHere! app…
ItsPoppingHere! is your personal guide for finding the best place to eat, drink, dance, have fun, enjoy a concert or any other event nearby and give tell you what is going on as it happens. ItsPoppingHere! will help you find what is happening RIGHT NOW because the reviews are from the last 8 hours only.

ItsPoppingHere! is your own private VIP pass to everything that’s popping near you RIGHT NOW.

ItsPoppingHere! is FREE for iPhone and Android

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  • Reviews on ItsPoppingHere! are written by people who are at the clubs, restaurant or event location only.
  • Write a review yourself on ItsPoppingHere! and tell the world what’s popping where you are RIGHT NOW

ItsPoppingHere! is a game changer for all…

  • FOR EVERYONE: Use ItsPoppingHere to discover all the fun things, places, events, clubs, restaurants, bars, concerts, sports event, social events and more that are going on right now. If we say it is popping, we mean RIGHT NOW. Go join the fun right away!
  • FOR CLUB/RESTAURANT OWNERS/MANAGERS: Use ItsPoppingHere! to tell the world in in real time what’s popping at the club, what it looks like, drink and food specials and more… (say goodbye to Yelp!)
  • FOR DJs: Remind your patrons that you are popping right now…
  • FOR EVENT PROMOTERS: Use ItsPoppingHere! to promote an event and remind folks that the event is popping right now and its time to come join the fun.
  • FOR BUSINESSES: use ItsPoppingHere! to share how their businesses are popping right now with sales and discounts and other great events.

ItsPoppingHere! is also a feel good app. Anyone, office, organization, club, school use ItsPoppingHere! to tell the world how great their office, school, organization etc and popping right now…

Have Fun… GET ItsPoppingHere! NOW..
ItsPoppingHere! is FREE for iPhone and Android
Click Here to Get ItsPoppingHere! For iPhone

Click Here ItsPoppingHere! For Android

This sweet little story will fill your heart with awe and put a smile on your face…

We first posted this story on Medium, but it is our story and it belongs here with us… It is about instant, magical innovation!


This is the story of the birth of a remarkable app. It is the story that could be your story. It is the simple, sweet story of the birth of ItsPoppingHere! It is your story, because we are all part of this amazing, nay magical, ItsPoppingHere! adventure.

The Story: A couple of guys were hanging out at a pub in Rockville, MD last summer. Low key night, 2 guys having a couple of drinks. But even for our 2 low-key guys, the pub was far too quiet. Soon, it became clear that they needed to relocate. But if they were switching pubs, our guys wanted to stay in the neighborhood. Problem was, they really didn’t know very much about the neighborhood.

Said one of the guys, “We will just find an app that tells us what’s popping in around here right now and we will be good”. And so look for an app they did. And they looked, and looked, and looked!! But every single app they tried was telling them what was popping last night, last week, last year! WTF?? How does what happened last year at some place have to do with what is happening there right RIGHT NOW?? Nothing. Our guys looked and looked and looked. On iTunes, on Google Play…. Nothing.

Said the other guy, “ You know what? I will build an app that’s free, easy to use and only, I mean ONLY, tells me, tells you, tells us what is popping at a venue RIGHT NOW, and you know what? Our reviews will span the last 8 hours only. Who cares about anything older than 8 hours if they want to discover what’s happening right now?

The guy built the app. And he called the app ItsPoppingHere! And we all saw that it was good.